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Posted by Stew Smith on

I swam a mile (not with the socks) just to get my feet soft and then went for a ruck in my old school jungle boots I was issued in the early 90s. I don’t wear them often any more so a wet, soft foot 4 mile ruck should be a good test in the PROSOK. With a mix of running / walking fast, I had no hot spots after the ruck either. I ran through a creek just to make sure the Prosok Bamboo Socks

socks were getting full benefit from the test. I barely had soft raisin like feet at the end of the ruck. My feet felt pretty dry actually. No blisters or hot spots formed either.

Finally, I had to dress up and wear my “funeral shoes” to an evening event at my kid’s school. This is where I usually see hot spots and cannot wait to get my dress shoes off and get home. Not this evening! Even in my leather soled dress shoes, these bamboo socks stood the test.