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Prosok Sock Review

Posted by Stew Smith on

I never thought I would be one of those guys who cared about what kind of  socks I wore.  As long as they were not white socks with slacks, I thought  that was all that really mattered.  When it mattered the most – going  through BUD/S, all I wore were the Navy issued brands.

I did find a way to reduce blisters and hot spots when running in boots if  you are wet and sandy all day long, however. With great success, I wore the  uniform issued dress sock, a thin polyester / rayon blend (aka church socks that  your grandfather wore), under my thick Navy wool dive sock.

So, are these “special” socks really worth the money?  Are they really all that more comfortable than my tube socks from Wal-Mart?

Well, the short answer is yes.  I started out this week testing the  PROSOK made from a Hygro-weave bamboo.  What the hell is that anyway and  who makes a sock out of bamboo? My new favorite sock company that’s who –  PROSOK.

After a five mile run in my normal running shoes, my feet felt fine.   Nothing new here, my feet feel fine regardless of the socks I wear when in  my running shoes.  But, I did actually say out loud, “Man these socks are  comfortable.” I have never said that about a pair of socks.  I gave a pair  to my 11 year old son to get his opinion and he agreed.

Now for the real  test.  I swam a mile (not with the socks) just to get my feet  soft and then went for a ruck in my old school jungle boots I was issued in the  early 90s.  I don’t wear them often any more so a wet, soft foot 4 mile  ruck should be a good test in the PROSOK.  With a mix of running / walking  fast, I had no hot spots after the ruck either.  I ran through a creek just  to make sure these socks were getting full benefit from the test.  I barely  had soft raisin like feet at the end of the ruck. My feet felt pretty dry  actually. No blisters or hot spots formed either.

Finally, I had to dress up and wear my “funeral shoes” to an evening event at  my kid’s school.  This is where I usually see hot spots and cannot wait to  get my dress shoes off and get home.  Not this evening!  Even in my  leather soled dress shoes, these bamboo socks stood the test.