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Prosok First Ride

Posted by Cory Stem on

Justwore some Prosok for the first time today on a nice warm ride.  I pickedup a couple pairs of V2 from Tom at Vassago and my first thought when Iput them on was- "Man these things are plush!"  Nothing stoodout during the ride (which is good-I don't think about socks orfeet until the suffering is over) but afterwards when I drove homewearing them in my worn out sneakers they felt like new!  I am going to pick up some black ones for work-thanks!

Prosok Sock Review

I never thought I would be one of those guys who cared about what kind of  socks I wore.  As long as they were not white socks with slacks, I thought  that was all that really mattered.  When it mattered the most – going  through BUD/S, all I wore were the Navy issued brands.I did [...]

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Stress Test Comparison : PROSOK vs DryMax

IntroductionMoisture is one of the enemies of feet and a common factor in blister formation and a required one in maceration. Its also easy to come by and so was the basis for a sock stress test. The general idea was to keep my feet wet, and cover lots of distance (specifically while ‘shadowing’ a [...]

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Prosok Review

I received a pair of the PROSOK Bamboo Socks socks the other day and have worn them multiple times while out rucking/backpacking, running, CrossFit, mountain biking and doing yard work.I love the feel of these socks and am putting them on again today to hit it up again. I will be buying another pair and [...]

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I swam a mile (not with the socks) just to get my feet soft and then went for a ruck in my old school jungle boots I was issued in the early 90s. I don’t wear them often any more so a wet, soft foot 4 mile ruck should be a good test in the [...]

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ProSok Review

Ten years ago, I bought five pair of socks made out of bamboo from a shoe store going out of business. They were so discounted they were ultra cheap. I don’t remember who made them. In the past couple years I have worn the heck out of the Prosok Bamboo socks, hiking, hunting, wade fishing, and just [...]

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Gear Review: Prosoks

The performance socks market is expanding because let’s face it, you might train for years to have the body of Adonis coated in bronze but a quarter-sized bleeding blister on your foot could put you on the DNF list.  There are many different options available out there with varying blends of fibers and styles, each [...]

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